The Key to Getting High Ticket Sales




The key to getting High Ticket sales is helping people understand change. Getting them to commit to a new way of doing things is the only way to reach the goals that are currently out of their grasp. A part of sales is the ability to coach someone through their mindset. Getting them to think differently than they normally would. To ease their mind about doing something different and change that fear of the unknown into a solution that can change their lives.

Whenever a prospective client fills out an application, or want to be part of an offer, they are raising their hand asking for help.

They may want more money, or to lose weight, or flat out want a change in the way they are doing things personally or professionally. The bottom line is, they see a need for improvement in their lives, and see your product or service as a potential answer.

There are reasons they raised their hand...and it is up to the Sales Professional to figure out their pain. It’s not about selling ice to an Eskimo. It’s up to the Closer to provide a solution. It’s about selling the best parka on the market. The point is, only once their pain is realized can you show them the solution.

Opportunity for Sales Professionals is presented in the three W’s. Why? Where? And What? It’s the layout for how a service works.

Anybody can present or go through a presentation. Read a script and go through the motions. I’m sure we’ve all had the privilege of hearing the pitch that is, word for word, straight off a script. Memorized and delivered. High Ticket sales are more than that. It’s about creating rapport. Asking the right questions and getting people to tell you things that they usually wouldn’t tell people and earning their trust. Asking hard questions and giving the space (silence) to let them answer. They will be nervous about the communication and investment, and that is normal. If they aren’t a little nervous, you need to call the EMT’s and check them for a pulse!

Before we dive into the how-to truly close a deal, I’m going to go over a quick dissection of how lead stacks tend to work. When a Sales Professional is handed a stack of leads that are created the right way there are percentages of potential in that stack. Typically, there are 10% of people in that stack that are “buyers.” They are what we refer to as Laydowns. These are the people who show up with the credit card hot in their hand and ready to buy whatever you’re selling. It would take a massive error on the part of the closer to lose these buyers.

Then, in that same stack, there are 30%, give or take, that have the uncontrollable conditions. These are the people that no matter what you say or do, there is a circumstance or situation that is not allowing them to be a part of whatever you have to offer. They are the people who don’t have money, who don’t have the drive, who all around, no matter how good, or how much they need your service, it is just beyond their means to purchase.

Where you see if a Sales Professional is truly a Closer is found in that remaining 60% of their lead stack; this is the middle ground. The people I consider the warm lead...they are the people who are above the uncontrollable circumstances but are not flying in hot with their credit card in their hands. These are the population of your leads that filled out the application, or raised their hand, and are truly qualified for your product. These are the people that realize that if they do not do something different, that they are not going to get different results, they do not know that YOU are the solution. They are the balancing act that can go either way. It is how well the Sales Professional goes through the process that will determine if they become one of your clients or not.

The process your Sales Professional goes through should be about providing. This is discovering their Why. Getting them to look in that mirror and see what is in front of them the sales script is leading the way to provide a solution for the customer. That is number one. Finding out WHY the client raised their hand in the first place. What is it they saw in your service that peaked their interest. The way we do that is by digging to find the truth in where they are at.

Here’s the funny thing about “the truth”’s often embedded in a soft serve of surface levels. It’s the “I’m just trying to figure out how to make more money.” or “It’s just time I got my fitness on track.” These are not lies, but they are also not the facts that are motivating their drive to make a change. A true Closer will dig to identify the why behind the buy truly. “I’m trying to save for my kids’ college, and I have a ton of credit card debt.” That is a truth. “I just got back from the doctor, and I have a heart condition and losing weight will give me a longer life.” This is the reality. Those are the motivating factors that will cause people to take action.

Once the WHY is identified, at its purest level, the Sales Professional needs to dig into their goals. WHERE the client is at now and WHERE it is they want to be. Where is their starting point and where is their finish line? Are they in for a sprint or a marathon. The art of the sale can ask the hard questions in a non-aggressive way. Digging to the bottom of their goals. Understanding where the person is at in a finite detail will provide the opportunity to show them how your product is the solution they are looking for.

Now it’s time for the WHAT. What is it that they are looking to accomplish and what is it that they are willing to do to make it happen? They have already acknowledged they need to change their situation, but just throwing money at a program/service doesn’t improve their lives. The need to find their mind shift. Show them the mirror again. “This is the truth. This is fact. And this is the reality. This is where they are at. And these are the different things that are going to have to happen for you to have real change in your life/situation. “They are the ones that need to step up and commit to putting the Cheetos down and doing the work. Are they willing to give the time to the change? Are they open-minded to a new process and new ways of doing things? Do they have the resources to commit to your product/service, yes, we need to be able to talk money? Be genuine and honest with your customer.

All programs are going to cost something. This isn’t the time to let them control the conversation by wanting to skirt around uncomfortable topics. Most High-Ticket sales are done with credit cards. So, figure out right away if they are somebody that is in a position to move forward. Provided what you cover makes sense, that they are willing to step out of their comfort zone and be able to get started immediately. Once they make this decision, we want them to stick with it. We are not going to quit, wimp out, or give up; we expect the same from them.

It is these three things: WHY, WHERE, and WHAT… that must come together for the Sales Professional to be able to provide the solution, your product or service. There must be an understanding of why somebody is going to do something.

To understand why they are going to do something different, you must know where they are at now. THIS is the first step and provides the necessary action for them to get to where they want to be. We all know for a fact that if they don’t do something different, then it’s impossible to get a different result. Let them know that YOU believe in the product or service that you are selling. The key to High Ticket Sales is not getting the 10% of the people that are laydowns. The skill of the sale is providing a solution that is right for your client. A solution that you believe it is the right path for the client you are soliciting. And really, you would be doing them a disservice if you are not able to get them to take action.